Pumphouse Point - Flume & Lake House

Pumphouse Point

We are excited about our latest project - the redevelopment of Pumphouse Point as a remote…

Willie Smith's Apples

Willie Smith’s Cider Spiritual Home

Announced today, our latest project is the redevelopment of the Apple Museum in the Huon Valley.…

Trevallyn House Model

Trevallyn House

Design model for a new residence in Trevallyn - a two level residence housed in a single volume.

Coal River Farm - view

Coal River Farm

Our latest project is a farm-gate and restaurant is located on amazing site in the coal valley.

King George V Sport & Community Centre - visualisation

King George V Sport & Community Hub

Our design proposal for the King George V Sport and Community Hub is one of the shortlisted entries…

15/Love House - Kitchen

15-30 House

The 15-30 house has recently been entered in the 2013 HIA 'New Kitchen' Awards.

John Ruskin Quote

Common Law of Business Balance

This classic quote (attributed to John Ruskin - from 1860) illustrates the possible folly of…

Launceston North Bank

Further to the news release regarding the North Bank Master Plan, we thought we would post a couple…

Bell Buoy Beach House - construction

Beach Shack

Beautiful weather this morning at Bell Buoy Beach, where another of our projects is nearing…

North Bank - Examiner Front Page

Launceston North Bank Master Plan

Check out latest project in collaboration with Oculus Landscape Architects on the front page of The…

15/Love House - site visit

15-30 House

Our studio (from left Todd Henderson, Guy Edwards & Elizabeth Walsh) site visit to our first house…