Cumulus Studio: Queechy House - External Facade. Photo: Nina Hamilton

Queechy House

A selection of photos from our recently completed Queechy House. Photography by…

Cumulus Studio: Infill Development Model

Residential Infill

Concept design for a residential infill project in Trevallyn which will utilise…

Cumulus Studio: Travellers Rest House

Travellers Rest House

A recent progress shot from a house nearing completion at Travellers Rest near…

Cumulus Studio: Leith House - Model Exploration

1:50 Exploration

Various exploration models of a single family residence on the NW coast of…

Cumulus Studio: Suburban Infill Visualisation

Suburban infill

Concept design sketches for a set of 3 double storey units to infill an…

Cumulus Studio: Trevallyn House Model

Trevallyn House

Design model for a new residence in Trevallyn - a two level residence housed in…

Cumulus Studio: 15/Love House - Kitchen

15-30 House

The 15-30 house has recently been entered in the 2013 HIA 'New Kitchen'……

Cumulus Studio: Bell Buoy Beach House - construction

Beach Shack

Beautiful weather this morning at Bell Buoy Beach, where another of our…

Cumulus Studio: 15/Love House - site visit

15-30 House

Our studio (from left Todd Henderson, Guy Edwards & Elizabeth Walsh) site…

Cumulus Studio: Bell Buoy Beach House - construction

Bell Buoy Beach

New beach Residence/Shack is starting to take shape!