Cumulus Studio: Trevallyn House Model

Trevallyn House

Design model for a new residence in Trevallyn - a two level residence housed in a single volume.

Cumulus Studio: Coal River Farm - view

Coal River Farm

Our latest project is a farm-gate and restaurant is located on amazing site in the coal valley.

Cumulus Studio: King George V Sport & Community Centre - visualisation

King George V Sport & Community Hub

Our design proposal for the King George V Sport and Community Hub is one of the shortlisted entries…

Cumulus Studio: 15/Love House - Kitchen

15-30 House

The 15-30 house has recently been entered in the 2013 HIA 'New Kitchen' Awards.

John Ruskin Quote

Common Law of Business Balance

This classic quote (attributed to John Ruskin - from 1860) illustrates the possible folly of…

Cumulus Studio: North Bank Master Plan 2

Launceston North Bank

Further to the news release regarding the North Bank Master Plan, we thought we would post a couple…

Cumulus Studio: Bell Buoy Beach House - construction

Beach Shack

Beautiful weather this morning at Bell Buoy Beach, where another of our projects is nearing…

Cumulus Studio: North Bank - Examiner Front Page

Launceston North Bank Master Plan

Check out latest project in collaboration with Oculus Landscape Architects on the front page of The…

Cumulus Studio: 15/Love House - site visit

15-30 House

Our studio (from left Todd Henderson, Guy Edwards & Elizabeth Walsh) site visit to our first house…

Cumulus Studio: Launceston Studio Collaboration

Launceston Studio

Busy day today, collaborating with Silvester Fuller at Cumulus Studio… tomorrow Oculus.

Cumulus Studio: Bell Buoy Beach House - construction

Bell Buoy Beach

New beach Residence/Shack is starting to take shape!