24 Carrot Garden

TypeSchool GardenLocationHerdsmans Cove, TasmaniaStatusCompletedArchitectCumulus Studio

A team from MONA, directed by Kirsha Kaechele, paired up with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and local architects to establish a series of gardens at 12 schools in Southern Tasmania. The initiative, 24 Carrot Gardens, aims to act as a catalyst for intergenerational lifestyle change by educating children, and by extension families, about fresh produce and nutrition through school community gardens.

Cumulus Studio’s proposal for Herdsmans Cove Primary School in Bridgewater, focuses on a series of education, propagation and dining spaces passively surveilled by the teachers lounge. This includes tiered and raised garden beds and a large outdoor dining area for communal feasts.

By providing schools with spaces that facilitate structured and informal participation in food production, it is hoped that the program will not only address nutritional imbalances but also create opportunities for employment skill training and community engagement and participation.

To download the garden design, please click here.