Australian Antarctic Division Amenities

TypeFit OutLocationKingston, TasmaniaClientAustralian Antarctic DivisionYear2013StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus Studio

Hobart’s long-held association with Antarctic voyages has continued to expand in recent years, with the city now recognised as a key international hub for Antarctic studies. In 2013, Cumulus Studio was given an exciting opportunity to explore this association, designing major upgrades to the existing Australian Antarctic Division bathrooms.

The research subject matter provided many material cues in the design, led by expanses of white and tonal blues. Careful consideration was given to the basin lighting, with the relationship subtly reflecting stalactites and stalagmites in ice caves. Mirrored surfaces contrast with cloudy opacity throughout, creating variety and play whilst maintaining privacy for the user.

The selected materials, space and form shows that the incorporation of broader project associations can enhance even the smallest of spaces.