Boag’s Visitor Centre

TypeVisitor Centre & Brand HomeLocationLaunceston, TasmaniaClientLionStatusDesign SubmissionArchitectCumulus Studio

Commencing operations as Cornwall Brewery in 1827, the site on the southern banks of the Esk River in Launceston is the longest continuing producer of beer in Australia. The property changed hands in 1883 with the establishment of James Boag and Son who still continue to brew and export Tasmanian made beer to the world.

Cumulus Studio were commissioned to provide design concepts for a new ‘spiritual home’ for Boag’s beer located adjacent to the existing industrial brewhouse and bottling centre. Working with the company’s brand and marketing team, a design was formulated around the essence of the brand and the desired consumer experience.

The building was enclosed by a creased black skin much like an unfolded premium beer carton. Contrasting this, red brick (a cost effective building material resonant of the heritage of the site) was used on the ground surface to allude to the working class providence of the beer and direct circulation through the site.

Central to the design was the tasting bar that formed the heart of the project, the view from which was directed back to the original brewhouse. Through this configuration, the heritage fabric forms a rich backdrop to a contemporary brewery experience and provides visitors with unique access to one of the most significant sites in Australia’s industrial history.