Coal River Farm

TypeProvidore, Restaurant & FarmgateLocationCoal Valley, TasmaniaClientDaniel LeesongYear2015StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesRosie

The Coal River Valley, located a mere 20 minutes drive from Hobart, is known for its lush fertile soil, perfect for producing a variety of cold climate wines. The area and climate also lend itself to other produce, and the new Coal River Farm seeks to highlight this.

The development provides an immersive experience for tourists and the local community seeking to understand, observe and purchase Tasmania’s finest artisan produce. The building is designed to be a modern interpretation of a rural farm, housing within it a couverture chocolatier and cheese production, along with a restaurant and providore.

The facility allows visitors to watch and participate in the workings of the farm, enabling guests to pick their own fruit and observe chocolate and cheese in the making, within and around the building design.