11 + 1 Elphinwood Villas

TypePrivate ResidenceLocationLaunceston, TasmaniaClientPrivate Year2017StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesRosie Hastie

The Elphinwood Villas are a departure from the stereotypical unit development stifled by council planning requirements and outdated approaches to high density residential design.

Privacy is rarely achieved in 12 house developments, however the Elphinwood Villas features entirely private sun drenched northern courtyards for each residence, with the fourth wall of each courtyard formed by the neighbouring residence. This unique planning technique allows for higher density design and three times the privacy required by the local planning scheme.

Living spaces and the master bedroom surround the courtyard space, allowing for sunny internal spaces, while external living areas are sheltered from both the weather and neighbours. The exterior is highlighted by a white painted brick finish, giving the villas an unmistakably strong design presence from the street.

The result is a highly functional, well designed development that the community can be proud of.