King George V Sports Centre

TypeCommunity Sports FacilityLocationGlenorchy, Tasmania ClientGlenorchy City CouncilYear2014StatusDesign SubmissionArchitectCumulus Studio

Since the King George V complex was first opened in 1950 by the Glenorchy Council, the working class industrial municipality has seen significant residential growth. A great deal of this population increase came from the extensive post war migration from Europe to Australia which led the suburb to evolve into one of the most multicultural regions in Tasmania.

Cumulus was commissioned by the Glenorchy City Council to develop a design for new club-rooms and sports facilities for the Glenorchy Football Club. The brief for the redevelopment of the precinct reflected the compositional shift within population by requiring that the design consider not only the strong identity of the local club but also the use of the building by the local community and the relocation of the Migrant Resource Centre.

In response Cumulus proposed that the ground floor of the building be largely transparent and highly permeable with the community activities collected around a new public lounge room, which would become the social hub of the project. In contrast the upper levels – which mostly consisted of club activities – were wrapped in a façade derived from abstracted images of the team in the club colours, standing arm-in-arm before a game.

In this way, the building clearly identified its allegiance and lent psychological support to the local team during the battle taking place on the football ground.