TypeRestaurant Fit OutLocationHobart, TasmaniaClientKosatenYear2016StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesRosie Hastie

Kosaten, a new Japanese sushi restaurant in Salamanca, fuses layers of culture, colours and materials to create a dynamic interior that belies its existing heritage facade. The existing historic building, an old grain store, has been transformed to house four ‘bullet trains’, delivering ordered food directly to your table, and successfully mixes old and new.

Two distinct personalities have been applied to the space: the entrance is bright, light and energetic, with white steel boxes creating an undulating ceiling and a steel bar inviting you to step inside; while venturing further into the space reveals a more intimate finish, with new timber contrasting the old and existing hand-hewn stone walls lit softly to encourage occupants to relax and linger.

The name ‘Kosaten’ is interpreted as a crossing of cultures, and the detailing mixes both Japanese and Australian influences. Wall graphics, by Daisy Legs, create visual interest on several walls, and the colours used throughout the space reference both the colours of the Japanese cherry blossom, as well as the bright neon lights of Tokyo.