Melbourne CBD Hotel

TypeHotel LocationMelbourne CBD, VictoriaClientTune HotelsYear2016StatusShort-listed Submission ArchitectCumulus StudioImagesCumulus Studio

This submission proposed a new hotel project in the Melbourne CBD, a site stretching between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street.

The brief called for two towers, one for the hotel, the other for apartments, with the main focus of the concept being on the hotel. The hotel group is an international group, yet their brief was to create a distinctly local feel to the hotel. The design uses architectural expression, the fine grain of laneways, and urban ‘grit’ as a way of providing a local feel. At ground level, the the two streets are linked by a new laneway, providing a unique Melbourne feel to the retail and foyer areas of the hotel.

With 275 rooms, the design aims to express the modular nature of the hotel suites and uses this as a way of articulating the building form. The system could potentially be prefabricated for an economical method of delivery, while providing a unique architectural outcome that ties into the hotel’s branding.