Ratho Farm

TypeGuest AccommodationLocationBothwell, TasmaniaClientRatho FarmYear2015StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesTom Holder | Alice HansenLinkwww.rathofarm.com

Few sites in Australia offer as rich a cultural history as Ratho Farm, Bothwell, in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. Best known as the home of Australia’s oldest golf course, it is associated with the Melbourne and Hobart Cup winner ‘The Assyrian’ and 18th century bushranger ransackings. Further, at the heart of the farm is the homestead and associated building complex which was the subject of an 1838 painting by renowned artist Richard Glover.

The farm was established in 1822 by the literary Reid family, who hosted a number of colourful characters as estate guests during their century long occupation of the site. Cumulus Studio’s renovation of the historic complex to include bed and breakfast style lodgings aimed to restore the farms reputation as a destination for world travellers and locals alike.

This project involved the conversion of a number of existing historic farm buildings into guest accommodation to service the oldest golf course in Australia. The work undertaken by Cumulus included collaborating on setting the stylistic approach (look and feel) for the project and assisting with the statutory approvals.

A simple palette was employed to evoke an unassuming but elegant rustic country lifestyle. As much as possible, the existing fabric from the original buildings was maintained and featured. This, combined with displayed memorabilia of the surrounding farmstead and region, adds to a real sense of being surrounded by history.

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