Shipwreck Coast

TypeVisitor InfrastructureLocationGreat Ocean Road, VictoriaClientParks VictoriaYear2017StatusCompetitionArchitectCumulus Studio | Oculus ImagesCumulus Studio | Oculus

Our vision for Stage 1 of the Shipwreck Coast project offers a unique visitor experience with structures that highlight the incredible natural and cultural features of each site.

Visitors will first notice the Campbells Creek Pedestrian Bridge, extending the winding beach trail towards the Blowhole Lookout. Concealed on approach, the blowhole then opens as visitors approach the new lookout, intensifying to reveal a breathtaking view of what lies beneath.

Further along the journey towards the iconic 12 Apostles, an Amphitheatre emerges from the landscape, providing welcome shelter and framing an unimpeded view of the Australian natural wonder.

From the Amphitheatre, visitors are drawn onwards towards a secondary lookout known locally as ‘The Saddle’. A panoramic lookout sits safely above the erosional edge of the Saddle face with views deep into the landscape that created the 12 apostles. There is no end to this experience, with the 360° views ensuring there is no one final destination.