Kylee Scott

B.ENV DES, B.ARCH (Hons), Registered Architect TAS Director & Studio Manager, Hobart Studio

An intricate map of Tasmanian family history drew Kylee to architecture. She felt captivated by places significant to her ancestors, from Great Depression era warehouses, to old family pubs, to mysterious homesteads linked to antique heirlooms. Each building’s story strengthened her connection to place and informed her sense of self from a very early age.

Kylee has practised as a registered architect and heritage consultant extensively across Tasmania. Ever since her studies, cemeteries have long fascinated Kylee for the way storytelling, landscape and emotion are inextricably intertwined. Moving forward, she’s particularly interested in medium density social housing designed to enhance daily life. Where quality outdoor space, community connection, self sustainability and minimal environmental impact take priority.

As a future-thinker, Kylee’s approach favours responsive, contextual architecture that connects to landscape at both the macro and micro scale. She emphasises environmental impact with the team, and can often be found reminding them to avoid cutting tree roots on site. By advocating for the use of indigenous plants, Kylee aims to support native wildlife and reconnect fragmented local ecosystems. And she’ll always fight to protect large trees that offer shade to more than the site’s users alone. 

Kylee is a person who’s interested in everything. She thinks of this as a blessing, for brainstorming ‘big picture’ puzzle solving, and a curse for always shifting focus to the next problem. This self-awareness means she’s adept at assembling a team around her who complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses. In fact, Kylee loves connecting people and ideas. One successful example of which was bringing Cumulus co-founders Todd and Pete together. The rest, as they say, is history.