Bento Moonah

TypeRestaurant Fit OutLocationMoonah, TasmaniaClientBentoYear2015StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesNina Hamilton

Following WWII, Hobart’s northern municipality of Glenorchy was settled by European migrants seeking to make a new life in the growing industrial hub. This influx of diverse cultures brought with them family recipes and culinary traditions, establishing Glenorchy as a hub of multicultural cuisine that continues to thrive and grow.

One of the newest additions to the local dining scene is Bento Box who worked with Cumulus Studio to transform an existing second hand clothing store into a take-away Japanese sushi restaurant in Moonah.

Architecturally, the fitout focuses on the horizontal use of colour, in combination with the textured appearance of OSB (oriented strand board) paneling, to create a sense of energy and provide an aesthetic that is distinctly recognisable.

Through this collaboration, Cumulus was able to build a clear brand for Bento Box that reinvigorates and differentiates the restaurant by creating a distinct, energetic and cohesive personality.

Together, Bento Moonah and Bento Harrington St were finalists in the 2016 Australian Timber Design Awards.