Tasports Cruise Shelters

TypeTransportable Cruise Arrival ShelterLocationBurnie Port, TasmaniaClientTasmanian Ports CorporationYear2017StatusCompletedArchitectCumulus StudioImagesNigel Eberhardt

The Tasports Cruise Ship Shelters provide visitors arriving by cruise ship with much-needed shelter from the unpredictable North West Tasmanian weather, and efficiently direct them on to their next destination.

The shelters needed to be housed in the middle of Tasmania’s largest general cargo port, so relocation and multiple configuration possibilities were well considered in the design process. Fitting with the environment and purpose, shipping containers were chosen as the base structure allowing for easy transportation and setup.

This playful design approach aims to humanise the experience of arriving at a working port, with additional adaptable signage visible from above when exiting the cruise ship. The clever signage, created by graphic designers Futago, features imagery of famous Tasmanian animals well known to international travellers.

Upon entering the shelter, visitors will find coloured, ship-like portholes and a robust textural interior lining, designed to reflect the timber industry synonymous with the City of Burnie.